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        Service Hotline: 0510-86392557

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        Precision Casting Quality, Good Service

        ??????Jiangyin chuangxin machine equipment CO.,LTD. Is located in economically developed jiangyin city innovation jiangnan water - I wish town. The geographical position is superior, the east of Shanghai, south to wuxi, is located in the "golden channel" shanghai-nanjing expressway and tin chengcheng highway, water and land transportation is very convenient, beautiful environment, industry developed.
        ??????Company specializing in the production of food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, chemical machinery. Mainly include crushing, sieving, mixing, granulating, drying series, the series of auxiliary. Main products are: WF - B type universal grinder, WFJ type 15/20-15/20 / superfine mill, decimated primary crusher, WF - 180 - B type micro pulverizer, GFSJ efficient crusher, WF series of Chinese herbal medicine pulverizer, WF / 400/600-200/300 series turbine mill, ZS series high efficient sieving machine.
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        Linkman : Jianxin Cai
        Tel : 0510-86392557
        Fax : 0510-86392554
        Mobile : (0)13812157069 / 13646163907
        Url : http://www.zgzqw8.com
        E-mail : cx@chuangxincn.com

        Universal mill、Crusher screen、V type mixer、Superfine mill、Chinese herbal medicine pulverizer、Trough type mixing machine、Turbine crusher、Hot air circulation drying oven、Double screw cone mixer、Swing pellet machine、Shaking screen
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        Tel:0510-86392557????????Fax:0510-86392554????????Mobile : (0)13812157069????????Linkman : Jianxin Cai
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